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Neelam Jewellers Hoshiapur | 24ct Gold Bandhel Jewellers

We are Only 24 ct Gold Patra Jewellery (BANDHEL) Manufacturers in India.

WE SET NEW STANDARDS IN BANDHEL JEWELLERY that gives you the feel and look of 100% GOLD !

We Provide Unique Collection of Bandhel BANGLES.
We Provide Unique Collection of Bandhel NECKLACES.
We Provide Unique Collection of Bandhel CHAINS.

About Bandhel Jewellery?

History of Bandhel jewellery in India is very old. In various regions of India it is known as Bronze Jewellery, Bauty, Copper Kadli, Gabha Kadli etc. In international market it is known as Gold Filled Jewellery. Today, Bandhel Jewellery made by latest machinery is long listening and eye catching too.

Buying and giving gold is considered pure and pious in our Indian culture since ancient time. Even in today’s modern time people consider purchasing gold as a very excellent act. But today common man gets tense on purchasing jewellery due to rocketing prize rise of gold. He is in dilemma that how to purchase jewellery in limited budget. People have very much affection with this yellow metal and they don’t want to turn their face from it.

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What Customers Can Get with Bandhel Jewellery?

  • Perceived value should be higher than actual value of the product, can buy heavy weight Jewellery on budgeted price
  • A good option to fulfill your desire of changing Jewellery frequently
  • Can buy a good variety of articles as well as many products at the cost of one
  • Gives peace of mind as there is no worry for thievery and no need to keep the product in locker due to budget price
  • It gives you the feel and look of 100% GOLD Jewellery
  • Bandhel jewellery is allergy free and also free from the effects of water and sweat, can make use of it daily without any hesitation
  • Pure gold coated surface of the ornament gives health benefits
  • Jewellery designed by unique and latest foreign technology which makes it more attractive and durable
  • Guaranteed buyback value
  • Need base and value for money product